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We are a couple of croquet enthusiasts who caught the fever just a few years ago. When first exposed to the sport in Boca Grande, Florida, we discovered there was no easy way to try out various sizes and shapes of croquet mallets. We  found there was a very limited amount of good looking croquet clothing available, especially for women.

We contacted most of the major mallet manufacturers around the world inquiring about the availability of  various mallet models. In that process we became a U.S. Sales Agent and distributor for George  Wood Ltd., the largest quality mallet company in the world.  

We have a small quantity of mallets on hand to allow customers to try the multitude of height and weight choices along with 3 or 4 other options for our two most popular mallets: Original and Evolution. We take orders with your desired specifications, usually arriving at your door within 2 weeks with FREE SHIPPING.


Also, we are working on a ‘Try Before You Buy’ program which will allow you to try out various mallets wherever you live. Contact us to inquire more!!!

Cathy is working on some very exciting croquet clothing designs which we will add to the site as soon as she can steal more time from her full time job. At the present time we are offering a polo shirt and cap with a Boca Grande logo and another polo and cap collection we designed featuring a colorful pink Flamingo logo. Both items are meant to be fun and can be worn by anyone, anywhere at any time.

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