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This is our most popular and highly advanced mallet. For the past 40 years, we have conducted decades of testing and research to present what our proprietary technology has created to date: ‘The Evolution Mallet! It has the most peripheral weighting available today found in a wooden mallet. We cut a single piece of rare hand-selected Sheesham wood longitudinally, glue a lighter weight Sycamore slice of wood between them, and finish the piece with a Sheesham inlay for the sighting line. The laminated head reduces the weight of the wooden section of the mallet allowing heavier metal plates to be used on the faces of the mallet. This increases the moment of inertia when the mallet hits the ball improving accuracy and stabilizing the head during the swing as well.

Narrow head vs wide head 4.0.gif

The Evolution Head Widths

           WIDE: Sheesham with white            Sycamore  lamination and

  brown Sheesham inlay sighting line

       2.36” wide by 2.16” high 

            NARROW: A single block of                   Sheesham with a white

  Sycamore sighting line

       2.16” wide by 2.36” high   


Octagonal vs Round w flat sides grip.jpg

 Our shafts are made from an almost indestructible foam filled carbon tube (17mm or approximately 7/10ths of an inch) to minimize vibrations. It is then wrapped in fiberglass and covered in EVA which is the material used on most golf clubs. The EVA is very comfortable, waterproof, easy to clean, and light weight. It is available in light navy, dark blue, red, and tan. The entire handle weight is an average of just over 10 ounces.

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